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Riva is a wonderful combination of her parents…

Like her Momma, she is as Gorgeous as they come.

Most times acting like the most intelligent, prim & proper Princess that she believes herself to be.

Like her Daddy, she has times throughout the day where her overly goofy, playful nature shines through and the Princess side slips away….LOL

Riva is a perfect example of a Female Siberian Husky!

She quickly made herself a huge part of the pack and has found ‘her’ perfect niche in the entire family!

Riva VERY heavily carries the Woolly gene...While she, herself, is not a Woolly,   ANY pup she produces has a chance to have a Woolly coat.

She has an impeccable AM/CAN/BISS/MBIS/ITAL/BEL CH. pedigree.