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Lola is an amazingly beautiful spunky girl.


Isabella White in color with sparkling Blue eyes. 

She loves to dig and loves to get dirty, she’s a tomboy at heart.

She is very cautious as to who she trusts, but she is definitely outgoing when it comes to the pack.

Lola loves puppies and is a fantastic Momma.

She will allow any pup to jump and play all over her.

She is so loving and tender with pups you would think that every litter is hers.


I always seem to be the center of her attention as all she wants in life is love.


Lola is VERY, VERY vocal.....she'll talk, howl or simply 'chat' about anything.

She is Exceptional in her beauty!

The older she gets the more her beauty SHINES!


Her thick plush coat, her soul seeing Blue eyes, her playfulness & loving demeanor make her one of the most amazing girls of the pack.

She is absolutely Perfect!