Text Box: Huskyn



From the minute Boo came into my home she just took off exploring and getting to know her new packmates.

She has literally made the other fur kids love her….they didn’t have a chance :)


Everyone that meets her can’t help but fall completely in love with her...she is so endearing.

Boo is definitely a very curious and loving girl.


She is VERY vocal.

This girl loves to ‘sass’ back at you when being told what to do...she ‘talks’ non-stop….lol.


Her coloring, stance, structure and especially her

temperament is So Amazing.

She is just a sweetheart & a VERY happy girl!


She has really grown into one of the Most beautiful Adults!


Boo always seems to be either smiling or ‘singing’.


I am just absolutely in LOVE with her!


Pure Perfection!