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My Sibes are raised in a high caliber atmosphere that factors flourishing health, individuality, a high-spirited disposition, stability and of course, beauty - fundamentally - they are raised to be everything a Sibe should be!

My dogs are indoor and outdoor dogs. They have access to a large fenced yard everyday where they are allowed to run and play, and the doors are ALWAYS open for them. My Sibes are only kenneled when necessary, and not usually needed.

First and foremost my Huskies are my cherished companions and a large part of my entire family. This magnificent breed is my life and also my greatest adventure.

We eat together, sleep together, work together and play together. I am part of their pack and it’s absolute HEAVEN!

Every pup is raised and nurtured in my home (not in a kennel) as a part of my family and with my other Sibes (the Pack), my adult children, and my Grandchildren…. which produces a much more sound and gentle temperament, resulting in a better family companion for you, right from the start. This shows in the pups I raise, as well as the resulting adult dogs. 

All puppies receive the best possible environment and loving attention while in my care.

I do NOT breed for eye or coat color!


 All adult dogs and puppies are completely compliant with all AKC rules and regulations!




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There have been numerous people contacting me letting me know that they have tried to contact me to inquire about a pup only to be contacted back by a scammer.

The pictures they show in these emails are

NOT my pups!

MY pups are pictured on the

litter page of each Momma.

The emails themselves appear to be written by someone that DOES NOT live in the U.S.A.

(you can tell by the way the email is written).


If, after trying to contact me, you should get an email from Morgan.rick65@hotmail.com  or anyone else that you suspect is NOT me, please report it to me and to your ISP……..


Please DO NOT fall for this scam!


Look at the format of the scammers email above,

A LOT of scammers will use that format with Yahoo, Gmail or even Hotmail or Outlook (just to name a few).